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All the things we do
to bring out the hero in you

Our universe is software & technology, let us show you how amazing it is.

your Customer's Digital Journey

Suffer from customers dropping off your website? Finding it hard to engage with your website visitors?

We can create an automated sales team for your business, one that works 24/7, engaging with your customers whenever they visit your website.

Make a lasting first impression on your customers, every time.

app development

Our world is Mobile; your customers live and work on the move, with a trusty handheld device they use for almost everything, This makes a mobile app the ideal way for your business to connect with them.

We can take your App from concept to launch, with beautiful design and lean development in-between. Our App team are excited to hear your big idea, and show you how we turn dreams into reality.

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process Automation

Like to use your best people to do meaningful work? So do we. That's why we take their mundane manual tasks and automate them.

From giving your customers an unbelievable onboarding experience, to making all your systems communicate with each other, we can take your current processes and make them superhuman.

Virtual CTO

We understand technology, which means you don't have to.

As your vCTO, we focus on using technology to better your business,with a constant focus on delivering your key business goals. Let us be the board-level technical expert who can make your company thrive.

Team as a service

Want an incredibly talented team without all the fuss of recruiting, training, and project managing them? We can give you all the reward, minus the headaches.

Whether you'd like us to supply a software team cherry picked to your project needs, or are looking for an extension to your current software development team, our Team As A Service offering means you'll never need to worry about mis-hires again.

Tech experts ondemand

Feel like your business could really scale-up, if only you just had the technical capabilities? We can make that scale-up process easy.

Our OnDemand service offers cloud migration, root cause analysis, system enhancements and tactical project management. We will have you confidently scaling within weeks.

technology workshop

It can be easy to get bogged down in the intricacies of software and programming, especially when you don't have the expertise.

Our workshop will help you unearth the technical opportunities your business has, while identifying the gaps and risks you are likely to face (and how to overcome them).

database partners

We know database administration, and we know how to get the most out of it for you. We can get your database in optimal condition, limit outages, check your backups are valid, and ensure high performance.

We focus on significantly improving your company's overall performance, at a cost that is minimal to you.

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