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Startline Motor Finance

STREAMLINED, ACCELERATED, TRANSFORMED! Providing a Special Ops Squad to design and build a brand new custom New Business Portal for their clients.

the details

The Mission

Manual tasks.  Long delays. Human error. A lot of the New Business work was originally constructed to process new documents sent in by car dealerships making use of existing technology and paper-based processes.

The problem was this process relied on a lot of manual tasks by individuals, paper-based and individual document-focused. They were moving from folder to folder on a Software system. The bottlenecks would come from human and system error. Struggling to scale and worth with the amount of individuals on the New Business team.

  • Date
    January 2024
  • Project
    Software Development
  • Customer
    Startline Motor Finance

ClearSky Logic orchestrated a series of Discovery workshops with Startline to map out the requirements for building their own New Business Portal, understanding their industry and business challenges around their manual processes.

The core deliverable of the project was to create an entirely new system that the team at Startline could use. Increasing efficiency for the Human and Software side of the New Business team.

As part of this, we had an entire Design team work on this project from start to finish, with Startline, which hosted a series of Design workshops to allow feedback from the Stakeholders and the team that will use the Software. The same can be said for our lower prod environments. At every stage and feature, we had our team regularly push updates to lower environments which allowed for constant feedback on the project.

Accelerating the process of managing documents sent over by car dealerships, removing friction for the new business team. The solution is allowing automation to remove previous time wasted on various tasks which can be automated. Significantly increasing automation around the allocation of the deals and instructing the next steps for each type of deal has reduced thinking time for the Startline staff. Our solution ensures that Startline meets its company objective of handling time for new deals to under 15 minutes.

ClearSky Logic was brought in to help create new processes and automation to help Startline’s New Business team which turned into creating a fully-fledged new platform that’s fully working in their day-to-day operations as a key platform.

The Results

Fast Delivery
The entire platform was created in less than 7 months.

Improved Process
The team are able to make a deal decision within 15 minutes

New Opportunities
Startline are capturing more leads and converting them to sales.

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