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Gigged AI

Re-platforming the platform allowing the company to scale globally.

the details

The Mission

Gigged had an opportunity to scale their business and seek investment with such strong demand.

The problem was it was when the business began to scale, the bottle necks in good UI and poor technology started to become problematic for growth.Struggling to scale with original tech, wanted to take their platform to new level to encourage better user experience and better user engagement.

  • Date
  • Project
    platform development
  • Customer
    Gigged AI

The initial MVP of Gigged.AI had been constructed to prove market fit and begin to gain traction, both of which it has been successful in delivering.

We took time to understand’s core business, identified what technology would open up new revenue streams. Our designers pored over customer feedback and our developers created new architecture which could cope with massive scale.

We continue to work closely with Gigged.Ai for additional features and integrations.

The Results

Higher Investment

With the MVP we built, Gigged were able to raise investment.

Fast Delivery

The whole interface was redesigned and developed in less than 9 months.

White Labelling

Opening up new revenue & generating ideas for the business.

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