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digital discovery sessions

4-part image of Jonathan wearing a Clear Sky hoodie, with back to the camera working at his desk.

Your problem is our problem...

Our discovery workshop series helps businesses get to the route of the problem, understand the opportunity and/or create a stronger roadmap for success.

Ideally in person, these sessions run from our Edinburgh HQ or your offices, we spend a series of 3 days over 3 weeks with you to run through discovery in detail.  We bring our full leadership team from C-level to Heads of, as well as Product Design and Software Architecture specialists. The sessions are purposeful, engaging, fun and thought leading.

In workshop 2 we play back the challenges as we understood them from workshop 1, filling in any gaps in understanding and working through each individual user journey in details. An overview of the proposed architecture and software approaches are discussed and agreed in detail. Our design team leads an ideation session as part of the workshop to discuss trends in the industry that could help solve business challenges or opportunities raised in the first workshop.

We run through the product delivery plan in detail, take feedback and agree adjustments as we go through the session. The final delivery of the discovery is the fully defined plan of delivery including costings and time estimates on delivery.

why us?

How we're different

Dedicated Squad

At ClearSky, we build you a squad of Special Ops software experts with years of experience.


Our team of 50+ is made up of every possible expertise required and employed by us in Scotland.  


We have experience building global, scalable, complex platforms. We've completed over 100 projects.


Your software is a reflection on us, we will build the very best.


Your squad will work diligently to deliver at pace without sacrificing quality.

Problem Solving

Your problem is our problem, we thrive on getting into the trenches with you.

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