Case Study

Designed and built the platform that allow users to generate company valuations in real time.

The private company valuations engine for the new frontier of investing

A revolutionary AI-powered web-based Company Valuations platform. ClearSky designed and built the web platform that allows users to generate and retrieve company valuations in real-time - something that can take days using existing methods.

The Problem

Unlisted Ltd had an idea and an AI-powered 'black box' that provided the company valuations but had no way of delivering this to end users in an intuitive and engaging web interface.

ClearSky came in with our Dedicated Tech Team with a range of specialist skills, including Project Management, UI/UX design, software architecture, front-end development, back-end development and system testing.

The Solution

The process was design-led, meaning that UI/UX was critical to success and no assumptions were made about how the system should behave or appear.

We engaged with the end users and asked them about their current processes, and what features they would find most useful. These conversations allowed us to refine and focus the platform to the specific needs of the intended users.

ClearSky designed and built clickable walkthroughs using Adobe XD to show the users exactly how the platform would look and work. These designs were used to create additional feedback and were subsequently refined during multiple iterations to arrive at a solid UI/UX that could be built using modern responsive web frameworks - React, DotNet Core REST APIs and a SQL Server database.

The Result

What started as just an idea became a fully-working Minimal Viable Product (MVP) prototype that paying clients could use as a means for accelerating and streamlining their own Company valuations projects.

Unlisted Ltd. could also use this as a means to create publicity and a compelling narrative around successive rounds of investment.

The Future

The stage is now set for a team of professional Company Valuations specialists to carry out a range of professional services using the Valuations Engine.

Third parties can use the platform themselves and even build the functionality into their own websites as an added feature.

“What Unlisted Ltd does is theoretically complex and technically challenging. Bringing such a disruptive new technology offering to market, revolutionising how financial firms process the valuation of private companies, requires a different type of software partner to ensure success. ClearSky logic has proven to be that perfect software partner.

I’ve always found that bringing bright, innovative, technologists to address challenging problems, given the freedom to work within a flexible agile framework, delivers smart, well designed, well architected, and well executed software. ClearSky Logic are these people.

We have taken advantage of ClearSky Logic’s Dedicated Tech Team resource model, giving us access to the right resources, at the right time, and at the right price. As a result what we have been able to achieve together has been remarkable and would have been impossible for us as a start-up business, to achieve without them.”

Rob Lee


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