Case Study

Transformed into a fully working automated booking system.

The AI booking platform that's great for the environment and great for business.

BookingHub.AI is the world’s first automated booking platform that uses a unique location-based algorithm to factor in travel times between locations when making appointments.

This digital innovation, powered by ClearSky Logic and backed by Innovate UK, is driven by the core function of maximising automated booking and minimising travel times, consequently making scheduling both easier and more efficient.


The Problem

One of BookingHub.Ai’s clients, Fresh Car Valeting, hit the ceiling for their business growth. Due to their manual booking processes slowing them down, they faced an excessive expenditure of scarce resources on customer administration.

They urgently needed a way to scale their business quickly through booking more appointments without hiring additional admin support.

The Solution

This process was design-led and solution-driven, meaning we worked to produce an automated platform that could be used not only by the Fresh Car Valeting Team but all other businesses struggling to maximise their bookings and customer satisfaction.

Building a vendor platform centred on the needs of bookable resources, the team at ClearSky prioritised building an advanced algorithm to forecast travel times between the locations of current and newly requested appointments.

Our cutting-edge tech consequently allows businesses to find the right person on their team to take on a booking based on the most efficient travel itinerary. Ultimately, this lets them take on more bookings without expanding their team.

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The Result

The same customer service team. They saw improved customer experience while reducing their operational costs and improving their efficiency.

In turn, this increased their revenue and kickstarted rapid business growth. In the last 6 months, their number of automated sales increased by 600%.

The Future

What started as an idea to help one business scale-up has transformed into a fully working and highly competitive automated booking system used across numerous industries.

Post-launching, the ClearSky team is continuing to grow and support a cutting-edge and consumer-driven platform showcasing our logic of delivering businesses with the right digital solution in a straightforward way.


National franchise chain grow sales increase

Reduced travel time for regional team
IncreaseD revenue for local cleaning company

“Integrating My Booking Hub into Fresh Car Valeting’s current systems is just the start. With this now in place, we have the ability to look at other manual processes that may be slowing us down which could instead be automated.”

”Our long-term plan is to scal+e up across the UK and increase the number of franchises nationwide, Fresh Car Valeting is now poised to take on more work and continue to grow their business.”

Sam Brennan

Owner of Fresh Car Valeting

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