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breaking barriers

4-part image of Mitchell working at his station, with neighbouring team mates in the background.

Let's Help you Break Barriers for your Business

At ClearSky, we thrive on helping businesses scale. With our unique Squad offering, we give you all the expertise you require. Our team will build world-class software which can help your business grow. Our elite Squads have multiple years of experience and have completed multiple complex missions.

When it comes to software, throwing more people at the problem isn't the answer. Unless it's the Special Ops team. We de-risk your investment and take responsibility for project delivery. Don't go on a hiring spree, instead, make your problem our problem.

At ClearSky we don't just build beautiful software, we build beautiful outcome focused software. Throughout our engagement we will find the route of the cause, the impact you want to make and focus heavily on the outcome.

why us?

How we're different

Dedicated Squad

At ClearSky, we build you a squad of Special Ops software experts with years of experience.


Our team of 50+ is made up of every possible expertise required and employed by us in Scotland.  


We have experience building global, scalable, complex platforms. We've completed over 100 projects.


Your software is a reflection on us, we will build the very best.


Your squad will work diligently to deliver at pace without sacrificing quality.

Problem Solving

Your problem is our problem, we thrive on getting into the trenches with you.

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