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Let's create your award-winning website

Have an idea of how you want your website to look, but don't know how to get it there? Or maybe you need guidance in creating a website your customers will love? Website design and development is key to nurturing your website visitors into paying customers.

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We start with a workshop where you will meet the team working on your new website. They’ll introduce themselves, letting you get to know their skill-sets and what they’ll bring to the project, while you outline ambitions for the website and any pain-points you need solved.

This ends in a brainstorming session, with no question or ask considered too silly (we find this is where the best ideas come from).

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The team will research and analyse websites you admire, as well as industry-relevant best practices (think what customers find attractive, what features, colours, and user journeys that really work).

This is when you will receive your project milestone dates, so you know when each stage of your project will be delivered.

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Your ClearSky design team creates your new website wireframes (these are visual representations detailing user flow and the website’s architecture). The team will explain the website process and user experience: how the website will flow; how a user will receive information; how they will interact with your website; how they’ve optimised user journey, taking users from A to B.

The wireframes are completely stripped of branding, imagery and colour, making this a great mid-point for your new website to feedback on the designs (allowing for changes and ensuring things are on the right track)

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Once you’ve signed off on the mediums, it’s time for the design team to produce the highs; this is the glossy version of the website, applying branding, content, imagery and everything in-between. This is the final step of design, in which you will see exactly how your website is going to look & function (making room for any final adjustments), before we go into the next phase... building your new website!

If branding and content is something you need guidance with, we are here to help. At your Project Kick-Off, your ClearSky team will lay out a plan to make sure your branding and content is on point.

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As well as building your website to the design spec, our designers will focus on making your website market-leading; in terms of responsiveness, usability, performance, organic SEO rankings and accessibility.

When this stage is complete, you will receive a link to the website before it goes live (giving you ample consideration time). The next step? Showing your website off to the world!

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Hosting makes your website available on the web, and it’s vital there are no security or data breaches. After website launch, we will maintain your website to make sure it is a fully operational safe-house with: daily backups, 24/7 secure, performance & uptime monitoring and a SSL certificate.

Future-proofing gives you the chance to map out what your website may need next, while your ClearSky team can advise how to take your website visitors and nurture them into customers. It's always good to plan ahead, right?

Getting a website up and running is the first step in reaching your potential customers, and what better way to engage your customers than to give them a great first impression.

There’s more to websites than meets the eye, and for the team at ClearSky Logic it’s about delivering a website that drives results through intuitive sales funnels and a great user experience.

Tina Little, Lead Design at ClearSky Logic

How much does it cost?

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Why choose ClearSky

When working with an agency the bulk of your website is carried out by a team in the background, while you work with an account manager. To get the most out of your website, you need to work with a team.

Working with ClearSky, the first thing that will happen is you meet yours. From the Project Kick-Off, you will be working with your assigned designers, developers and project manager; meaning you will be on calls with the people directly involved in making your website the best it can be.

Web Designer
Project Manager
Lead Designer
£3,750 (excluding VAT)

Our website packages start at £3,750 (excluding VAT) for 6 pages with a 10-working day turnaround.

Our ongoing support, development and hosting cost is £195 per month (excluding VAT).

£7k (excluding VAT) per 2 week sprint, consisting of a 1 full-time Developer, a part-time Project Management, a part-time UX/UI Designer, a part-time Solutions Architect and a part-time tester.

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