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We create secure web platforms that are built to last

A web platform can take your business stratospheric, and not just because it allows your business to scale seamlessly by automating processes.

It allows your business to streamline the operational workflows; meaning you get the most out of your team, your customers and your products.

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We start with a workshop where you will meet the team working on your web app. There will be a strong focus on understanding both your short-term and long-term vision, which will enable your ClearSky team to make better functionality decisions for your new product.

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This is where our trusty UI/UX designers collaborate with you to mix the visualised idea of the app and it's functionality requirements. In creating the app's Wireframe, we give you a clear understanding of what the user journey will be.

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We take things up a notch and build a set of clickable prototypes for the app that serve as a sneak-peak into how the app will function. We employ the best industry techniques in designing the prototype, and ensure you love the direction things are moving in.

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Our designers have a knack for perfection, coming up with power-packed designs united with ample UI/UX, as our developers follow the best app development practices according to Human Interface Guidelines, You're in safe hands here.

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This is where we vigorously test the performance of the app to evaluate its responsiveness, scalability and stability. Our QA team are involved from Day 1 through to product launch (and beyond), and they aren't satisfied until your app runs the gauntlet of our automated and manual tests. making it through intact.

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Once the app has exceeded your expectations, we Go-Live as your out-of-this-world app is ready for blast off. We have gone through a huge number of Go-Lives so we know what risks to manage and how to ensure a smooth delivery.

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In order to disrupt a market you need to create something completely new, which means needing more than a white-label solution can offer.

We create web apps tailored to your business needs, helping you breakout in your new market.

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When you've outgrown off-the-shelf solutions and need bespoke software to streamline operations, workflow and data organisation.

We can build an app that will improve your business. We create web apps tailored to your business needs, helping you breakout in your new market.

"There's so many things that make web apps great; you can supercharge your customer interactions, sales and build relationships with them in a completely automated way; you can eradicate blockers to scaling your products or services and you can hold and group data in a way that builds you a better business.

But one of its most important assets is its accessibility; your web app can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection."

Chris Wesley, Web Designer at ClearSky Logic

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Microsoft SQL Server

.Net Core
Microsoft .Net
NodeJs PHP

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Dynamics
Zoho CRM

How much does it cost to produce an app?

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Project Manager
UI/UX Designer
Solutions Architect
£7,000 (excluding VAT)
per 2 week sprint
Week 1
Week 2

Why should I outsource this?

Hiring the right team means working with professionals who can deliver a best-in-class app. This avoids the risk of failed investment, ensuring the app doesn't include features that users won't use, and focuses on creating an app that makes sense for your customers.

At ClearSky we have the experience, building apps is what we do. Put your faith in a team that don't just have the necessary skills, but the desire to build the best product for your company and it's customers.

Using the Agile development methodology, we split the app build into 2-week Sprints. This means that the development is aligned with your vision, that changes can be easily made along the way, and you can feedback on our designs and prototypes to ensure you are happy with how the app is taking shape.

£7k (excluding VAT) per 2 week sprint, consisting of a 1 full-time Developer, a part-time Project Management, a part-time UX/UI Designer, a part-time Solutions Architect and a part-time tester.

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