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Tech Experts OnDeMAND

Does your business need help with tech, Do you often rely on freelance resource to help but feel uneasy relying on this to push your business forward?


experts When You Need them

We love technology its what we do, more than that we love delivering new features and products which have a huge impact on our clients businesses.


trusted partner

We work with growing companies where ambitions are outstripping the current technology capabilities. Providing a new way of scaling up to meet demands.


Problem Solvers

We are an extension to your company, working in parallel to your existing teams to deliver more faster. Based onsite and remotely with our teams in Edinburgh.

All round tech when you need it

OnDEMAND experts in these areas

With Tech Experts OnDemand you aren't just tapping into Software Development resource. Your monthly retainer can cover any of the following areas and you can be assured of a quality service being delivered.

Critical IT Support

There’s always a chance live systems can run into issues. No matter the day or time, our team can start investigating problems within minutes to get you back up and running.

Getting root cause issues fixed is what we do best .


Your business is running in the cloud but no one is responsible for making sure its running to peak performance and secure from various threats.

AWS, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud Platform are our specialties, our years of experience mean we can take care of it.

Getting the most out of your data

How is your essential company data stored? Do you know where it is, what it consists of, and how secure it is? Are you systems running at the optimal level?

Your data holds the key to your business success, and we can help you understand and apply it in a meaningful way.

Software Development

You need software development But you don't need a full time employee or you maybe need different types of software developer.

Our software developers can be on hand to deliver new features and enhancements.

Migrations & Upgrades

Is your system in need of an upgrade? Upgrades and migrations can seem like an overwhelming project.

We can make the process smooth in upgrading and migrating your databases between platforms, database technologies, and to the Cloud.


Process is more about people than technology, how would your business change if you had your best people doing difficult work instead of treading water with manual tasks.

From how you engage with your customers to enabling your systems integrate in real-time, we can help you get it right.

How to get started

a simple process

We can get started almost straight away.

step 1

Let's Talk

Every client is different, we start of by getting to understand the situation you are in, what tech is involved and the ambitions of the business.

We work together to agree a minimum level of resource per month, starting from a single day to weeks long project we can provide great value to clients on almost any budget.

step 2

Settling In

We work quickly to build relationships with key people in your business as well as your existing third party suppliers.

During this phase we will accumulate as much knowledge as possible about your business and the systems it runs on. Building up a knowledge base as we go to catalogue key services.

step 3

Technology Covered

Your technology is now covered, we can start to work on your backlog of requests or help you build up one.

You can be rest assured, having a team of tech experts on demand whenever your business needs them.

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