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Lead App Developer

Liam Keogh

Lead Mobile App Developer by title, massive tech head by profession

about me

I have multiple years of experience creating, developing, deploying and delivering mobile apps in a range of different languages and technology stacks. Having graduated form Edinburgh Napier University with an MEng Distinction in Software Engineering I have worked in many different teams, with many different people of many different backgrounds to deliver many different products, and the level of detail and care the team here at ClearSky Logic provide is unlike anything I have seen before. Having worked at a startup before I was always keen to get back to it and I could not have found a more perfect place to hang my hat than here. The ethos of the company and mine could not be more aligned - make brilliant software for brilliant people using the best tools available, and that's exactly what I intend to help ClearSky Logic do.

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Our team is remarkable, its growing but it's not for everyone.

Our team is remarkable, its growing but it's not for everyone.

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