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Head of Marketing

David Cowan

about me

As Head of Marketing for ClearSky Logic I thrive in utilising Marketing Technology to optimise business potential. Graduating with a Masters in International Marketing at the University of Strathclyde, I earned my marketing acumen over several years working across both product and service-based brands, in regions such as China, South East Asia, Europe and the UK. More recently, I was the Managing Director of a bespoke marketing agency, where I worked on global campaigns focused on Marketing Technology. This experience taught me how effective employing tech in marketing can be, as I was able to leverage tech to scale marketing capabilities for clients at an unprecedented rate. This led me to joining one of the fastest-growing tech agencies in Scotland, where I am in the perfect position to drive ClearSky Logic and our client’s marketing efforts forward.

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App Creation

Why Restaurants Need An App in a Covid-World


David Cowan


July 20, 2020

As restaurants begin to reopen their (physical doors) under new Covid-rules, now is the perfect time for this industry's players to move into the Mobile App game.

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Business Advice

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Our team is remarkable, its growing but it's not for everyone.

Our team is remarkable, its growing but it's not for everyone.

User Design

How a11y could be impacting your business

If you've never heard of a11y and the world hasn't ended, why bother now? Because for 71% of your web visitors with disabilities, the world didn't end but their visit to your website just did.