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Our industry knowledge & technical experience can help unblock business constraints

The problem

Too many companies are held back by technology. For many of these companies having the right technology strategy and guidance can be the difference between a fast growing profitable company or one which struggles to grow due to unscalable processes. At ClearSky Logic we provide access to our teams experience on-demand which allows businesses to tap into experienced technology leaders.

Here’s just a few reasons to consider bringing in knowlege:
  • Experts when required from your business
  • Ensure the tech priorities are aligned with the business goals
  • Ensure technology delivers value for the business
  • Apply governance around information security

What exactly is Expert On-Demand?

Expert On-Demand is a service to provide technical leadership & insight to companies that accept that they need to leverage technology but lack the strong technical leadership that this requires.

Think of the service as ability to get the right experts in for the right amount of time, who can quickly establish a technical road-map to meet business objectives, providing the leadership and governance required to make effective use of technology.

Reporting into Board level, Founder or Managing Director, they are responsible for translating business goals into a technology road map and converting this into prioritised deliverables for the IT team. Access to technology experts will help the business to make well-informed decisions around investing in appropriate technology and resources with a clear ROI.

What Experts Can You Access On Demand...

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Tapping into a CTO can be a great way of dipping your toe in the tech water and running some ideas past someone who has likely seen and resolved similar problems before. For established businesses this can be a fantastic solution for companies bringing in external investment or need to rethink technology strategy from the ground up.

Technical Architect

As your business grows you may find yourself in a situation where external assistance is required to understand what the next steps could be to scale up your technology. Bringing in a CSL Technical Architect can provide guidance on technical market trends, ways of working, the art of the possible and think differently to what's currently in place.

You're in good hands

Yes, quite a few of our clients have taken up our Expert On Demand offering and have continued to make use of the service, finding the technical governance and leadership it provides bringing value way beyond its cost. The results have been dramatic and have allowed these companies to take on much more ambitious digital transformation projects than they would otherwise have felt comfortable with. We have helped companies successfully recruit internal IT teams and outsource development to third parties. In either case the deliverables have been closely aligned to the business goals and have delivered rapid change in short incremental cycles of software development Sprints. 

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