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Increase the pace and quality of your software delivery

Deliver Your Critical Business Objectives Faster

Having the right team in place is everything when it comes to getting where you need to go digitally. The right skills, the right industry knowledge, and the right attitude to become an augmentation to your existing team.

More than just finding good developers, you need people who also understand how digital ties into your business strategy, and can develop tech solutions that align with your wider business goals to help drive you forward.

By choosing to partner with ClearSky Logic you are tapping into cross-functional teams who deliver software at pace with quality at the heart of what we do. The key to increasing delivery pace is communication, that's why all our dedicated tech teams are based in the UK with significant sector experience.

Here’s just a few reasons to consider outsourcing your tech team:
  • Work with a team who already have in-depth knowledge of your industry, and how to apply industry factors to your tech solutions
  • Save time on sourcing the people with the right skills and knowledge
  • Reduce costs associated with recruitment and overheads of building a new team
  • Have access to a wider team and a range of skills than can be put to good use as your project progresses
  • Get your digital transformation moving quickly with a team who can get up to speed in no time and get straight to work
Microsoft Gold Partners ISO 27001 Certification

At ClearSky Logic we offer a cost effective and efficient way to facilitate expand the capabilities within your business.

Watch our video to find out why our Dedicated Tech Team is the right solution for your business.

Our 5 simple steps to working with you

We work with you to understand what type of projects you would like to take on. We’ll focus on what you want to achieve and provide you with our recommendations which include short, medium and long term solutions for your business.
Creating your bespoke team
We’ll handpick the perfect skill set from our stable of experts, whether it be UX/UI designers, Frontend Software Developers, API experts or Database Specialists.
Knowledge Transfer
We’ll have an intensive knowledge transfer workshop with the key people in your business from senior business stakeholders to your in-house IT team. From this you’ll get a detailed report of your current systems which is your property whether you choose to go ahead with the project or not.
Key project specification and roadmap
We’ll develop a detailed specification of what we are going to do. Through your dedicated project manager, we’ll build our product roadmap and then work in sprints to deliver the bespoke software for your business needs.
Ongoing project management
You’ll get weekly project update check-ins and weekly scrum calls so you are always up to date with where the project is. We’ll also implement full change management practices and all project documentation is completed and updated on an ongoing basis.

Client Testimonial

Whilst running a business I feel that I have never made a good tech decision. I’d describe myself as pretty tech illiterate.

When I was faced with a fundamental tech problem I was recommended Clearsky Logic by a former colleague because they are experienced in my Industry and told that they could help solve the problem.

The process was quick, simple and ClearSky Logic were able to demonstrate their value within five days of being in place - it was immediately visible and the results were measurable and tangible. It was a completely different experience to a previous one. I found the team fast, agile and pragmatic, offering real advice to help solve the bigger business problem.

Paul Richards
CEO of Together Energy

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