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Team As A Service

Utilities Software

Scaling Up

A company with an ambitious product roadmap and the need to scale quickly.


Utilities Software Provider



Service Offered:

Team As A Service


The Customer

Utilities Software Provider employs around 120 members of staff and serves many of the challenger Energy Suppliers in both the Commercial and Residential markets. Due to changing markets and securing new opportunities the Head of IT had been asked to quickly scale their software development capabilities. With an existing department of 8 software developers, they estimated they would need to increase output by over 30%, for the short-term. Time pressures had been building for some time and the existing team were doing a great job but the need to scale rapidly meant the customer was considering other options.

Initial Engagement

The company had attempted hiring permanent members of staff, but the time scales involved in the 3-month deadline meant that it was going to be very difficult to scale up quickly enough and keep the same high standards of the internal team.

ClearSky Logic were recommended by a Programme Manager we had previously worked with. We were on a call with the Head of IT later that day discussing our experience and the tech stacks we were skilled in. Initially the customer discussed concerns about outsourcing and how it hadn't work well previously, with communication and code quality being a problem. We listened closely, many of the concerns we ourselves had felt when being in a similar position and we positioned ClearSky Logic as something different - an extension to his existing team when he needs to meet the demands of the business. We could position ourselves onsite for a period of time to speed up the process of knowledge transfer.

The Project

When ClearSky Logic got involved we collaborated with the client to find the best ways of working to maximise output and agreed running forward for a 3-month period where we provided Team as a Service, which consists of a team of 4 software developers operating in a Sprint parallel to the inhouse team.

We would then work closely with the client at Sprint planning sessions, carefully picking up tickets from their backlog and agreeing what was needed before adding to the next Sprint. The ClearSky Logic team then got to work within its Sprint,working through

tickets and creating pull requests which were reviewed internally and then passed over to the client.

The Tech









•MicrosoftSQL Server


The Result

By scaling up with ClearSky Logic the client was able to meet the deadline required for features promised to its clients and now has features that make its software more appealing to potential customers in the industry.

•Improved customer retention

•Ability to take new features to the market

Saved months of delays and expensive recruitment fees 

ClearSky Logic Team as a Service was extended as an ongoing engagement, helping to take on additional services, products and features for the Client.


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