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Dedicated Tech Team


Quickly Scale Capabilities

Bringing in-depth industry expertise to help Utiligroup scale up their capabilities and implement changes faster.





Service Offered:

Dedicated Tech Team

Project Timeline : 9 Months +

Intro summary 

In the ever-evolving energy sector, Utiligroup needed to quickly transform their current systems to keep-up with their clients' increasing needs. Using our in-depth industry experience, we could quickly develop and integrate smart meter capabilities into Utiligroup's existing systems to provide their clients with the smart features they needed. This also gave Utiligroup a real edge over competitors to help them secure new clients in the long run. 

Client quote 

"ClearSky’s utilities industry knowledge has allowed them to quickly understand and deliver complex functionality, whilst working collaboratively alongside our existing team. Their flexible approach and technical understanding has helped us deliver and support complex and fast paced change over the last 9 months."

  • John Wignall, Programme Manager, Utiligroup


Utiligroup is a marketing leading software and service provider for energy suppliers. With a large team of over 200 staff members, Utiligroup’s software is essential in helping power many energy companies across the UK. 

To meet the demands of a changing industry, Utiligroup needed to upgrade their current technology that relied on an older version of Microsoft CRM Dynamics. Their clients were looking for more smart features in their energy billing systems, and it was down to Utiligroup to find a way to provide them with this functionality. On top of this, there was a need to enhance the energy supply billing system for their clients’ customers, while also removing barriers in switching between Pay As You Go and Credit meters. 

In order to deliver solutions for all their clients’ needs, Utiligroup had committed to a technology roadmap. To achieve everything in the roadmap, they had to immediately scale-up their capabilities with the right people with the right skill sets and experience. 

Spending time trying to source new in-house - who may not possess the necessary experience - risked causing significant time delays for their clients.

Our solution 

Utiligroup had searched for developers with the right technology expertise and industry experience, but after the search proved unfruitful and instead slowed their progress, they needed another solution. 

Our dedicated ClearSky team was on-hand to help. With in-depth industry knowledge, our experienced tech team worked alongside Utiligroup - helping them fast track development, without the typical associated overheads of hiring, training, and managing internal staff. 

Combining our industry expertise with a deep insight of Utiligroup’s needs, our team jumped straight in to quickly develop a plan that covered Utiligroup’s specifications, allowed for speedy implementation, and could maximise the impact of the new smart features. 

Our team brought a deep knowledge of Smets 2 and Microsoft Dynamics, which enabled us to provide the speed of development and rollout Utiligroup was looking for. We customised the system through workflows and plugins to tailor it to Utiligroup’s unique needs - dramatically improving automation and adaptability for both Utiligroup’s clients, and their clients’ customers. 

Software technologies implemented in this project:

The impact

The changes to Utiligroup’s systems transformed the service and features they could provide for their clients. The improved legacy system now had adaptable new smart features built to work alongside it, which were readily available for their clients to use. Better still, key features using automation and real-time events could now be made accessible for clients in a shorter time frame going forward. These new features let Utiligroup’s clients provide their customers with a more seamless experience and lessens the need for customers to undertake manual tasks. 

Utiligroup were able to translate these new features into a unique selling point (USP) to help them secure new clients, while also expediting their product roadmap further. 

How this helps in the future 

Our work with Utiligroup has extended into a trusted, long-running partnership. Together, we help Utiligroup scale-up their capabilities when they need it by providing a deep understanding of the industry that translates into seamlessly meeting their clients’ increasing needs and the growing demands of the energy sector. They can trust our team’s extensive industry knowledge to get to work quickly on any new developments needed to help save time in delivering for their clients. This, along with higher levels of automation, lets Utiligroup gain an edge over their competitors to become a leading choice for clients in the energy sector. 

What's Next?

Are you looking to quickly scale-up what your team can deliver? Or do you need to take your operating systems to the next level? If you need new developments created and implemented quickly, our team can help. Our expertise lets us deliver you the right solution to meet your needs and help you work more efficiently going forward.

Speak to our team today to see how we can help you stay one step ahead of the competition.


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