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Team As A Service


Scale Capabilities

Enhancing a legacy billing system to be able to harness the new possibilities of the SMETS 2 real-time smart meter integration, at the same time resolving long held restrictions in switching between Pay As You Go to Credit meters, working alongside internal software development teams to deliver new features in parallel and tight industry and customer deadlines.





Service Offered:

Team As A Service

project details

Project Timeline : 9 Months +

The Client

Utiligroup are a Energy Supplier Software as a Service provider, they have upwards of 200 staff and many of the energy companies in the UK utilise there software. As the industry had moved on in recent years they now needed to upgrade and enhance aging technology built on an older version of Microsoft CRM Dynamics.

The Client’s Needs

Enhance energy supply billing system to handle modern needs of SMETS2 integration, at the same time resolving long held restrictions in switching between Pay As You Go to Credit meters. They had an internal development team but with the increase in the amount of features being required by their clients they needed to scale up quickly. They were felt frustrated by not being able to recruit in developers with the right level of skills in terms of both the technology and the industry sector experience.

The Solution

We provided our brightest talent in ClearSky to work alongside the client’s internal team, initially working on site with the client, our industry knowledge allowed for a quick understanding of the client’s specifications, followed up by a development estimate, delivery and further iterations to maximise the impact of the new features. Our experience of Microsoft Dynamics really sped things along with this project, its a niche area of development however understanding the detail concepts of workflows, plugins and the CRM SDK Api allowed us to customise the system to improve automation vastly.

The Tech

Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2013




Microsoft SQL Server

The Result

The client was able to provide more features to it's clients, these features were built to work effectively with the legacy systems in place, reducing the time to market for key features around automation and real time events. The features were used as a USP selling point to bring on new clients and expedite the product roadmap. This provided an edge over its competitors and allowed it to compete for new clients.

• Improved Legacy System

• Reduced time in recruitment

• Contract extended into a long running partnership

• More automation with customers having to perform less manual tasks

What The Client Says


"ClearSky’s utilities industry knowledge has allowed them to quickly understand and deliver complex functionality, whilst working collaboratively alongside our existing team. Their flexible approach and technical understanding has helped us deliver and support complex and fast paced change over the last 9 months."


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