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Tech Experts OnDemand

Split The Bills


A growing and ambitious company, with great people but too many manual processes were now holding back growth.


Split The Bills



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Tech Experts OnDemand

project details

Project Timeline : 2 weeks

The Customer

Split the bills are a growing company with around 60 members of staff & over 75,000 customers. The managing director was keen to get more from his existing staff and had a feeling that adding more people up to now hadn't resulted in the output he anticipated, the business had grown quickly and after reviewing what staff were spending their time on it was clear that too many manual processes were now holding back growth.

Initial Engagement

The company didn't have specifications written up and this was until now the blocker as they had felt this would need to be in place before getting in help, they decided they needed assistance to review the manual processes and be guided on which processes to automate first, along with costs and a projected return on investment.

This led to ClearSky Logic being recommended by a customer we had previously worked with us. We were onsite within a couple of days, initially discussing with the concerns around the current processes why key stake holders and guidance on what a good result would be for the company.

The Project

We spent some time with the staff who were identified as working through very manual processes, one of the most being the process of communicating with new customers. Emails were being sent manually and welcome packs were being posted out, this resulted in a lot of time and money being spent by the company. We proposed a small project of 2 weeks to automate the onboarding process for the client.

The Solution

In order to reduce risk from changing the existing technology solutions, we were keen to add a separate new service to handle automated communications. We identified an area where the customer data could be accessed before it was being inserted into an existing legacy off the shelf solution. This meant the customer didn't need to ask third parties to change the existing software to allow our solution to work and provide the automated solution to the customer within a tight timeframe.

The Tech

.Net Core API

Azure Serverless Apps

Azure Queue Storage

Microsoft SQL Server

Integration with Sendgrid & Twilio

The Result

The customer journey for signing up to the business was vastly improved. Customers were quickly greeted by a welcome email letting them know what to do next and a PDF version of the welcome pack was provided, also automated was follow up emails & sms to the customer to let them know to provide energy meter reads as this is a hugely important aspect to get the customer billing correct for the company.

• Improved customer communication

• 20% Less calls into the contact centre for new customers

• 4 Members of staff moved on to working on more valuable business processes

• More accurate billing, resulting in improved cashflow


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