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Split The Bills


Using automation to streamline Split the Bills’ internal processes, which improved productivity and customer experience


Split The Bills



Service Offered:

Dedicated Tech Team

Intro summary

As a business growing at speed, Split the Bills needed internal processes that could keep up with demand. By providing a dedicated team of tech experts, we identified manual processes slowing them down and replaced them with automation. This led to a smoother customer journey, increasing the customer experience and communication. The new changes transformed how Split the Bills operated to improve productivity overall. 


As a growing company, Split the Bills had a team of 60, and over 75,000 customers. With growth accelerating, Split the Bills needed to ensure their team could work productively and spend time on the areas that really mattered for the business. 

However, after an internal review, they discovered many team members were needing to spend time on too many manual processes, which was holding back growth. Part of this problem had been caused through a lack of a full in-house IT team. Split the bills had brought on-board different internal developers over the years, but this had led to a lot of disjointed technology that was complex and difficult to use efficiently. The tech specifications also weren’t written up or easily accessible, meaning knowledge transfer was tricky. 

To counteract all this, Split the Bills needed help in reviewing their current manual processes, and receiving guidance on where they could automate and how this could provide a return on investment. 

Our solution

Clearsky Logic was recommended to Split the Bills by a previous client who worked with us. We were able to to be onsite within a couple of days and provide them with a dedicated tech team. Initially discussing the concerns around Split the Bills’ processes, as well as key stakeholder challenges, needs, and goals, our team was able to understand their current climate and quickly get to work. With a diverse set of expertise, our team covered all different levels needed for tech - including strategy, design, development, project management, and leadership. We built an IT roadmap, reviewed the backlog they currently had, and worked on prioritising key areas. 

Our team identified that the department dealing with the most manual processes were those communicating with new customers. These processes involved manually sent emails and welcome packs being placed in the post. This resulted in a lot of time, money, and resources being used by the company. Our solution here was a small 2 week project to automate their onboarding process. 

To streamline the implementation of these changes - and to reduce any risks associated with changing existing technology solutions - we instead added a separate new service to handle automated communications. This involved identifying an area where customer data could be accessed before it was inserted into an existing legacy off-the-shelf solution. Using this solution, Split the Bills avoided the need for third parties to change existing software - and they received an automated solution quickly. 

Improving the customer journey of signing-up to Split the Bills, customers could now receive an automatically generated welcome email detailing what to do next, along with a PDF welcome pack. Automated follow up emails and SMS messages could be sent to the customer to request energy meter readings, and ensure customer billing was correct and up-to-date. 

Areas implemented in this project:

  • .Net Core API
  • Azure Serverless Apps
  • Azure Queue Storage
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Integration with Sendgrid & Twilio

The impact

Through Split the Bills’ newly implemented automated solutions, they could now have confidence in the technology they had. With new features, particularly around onboarding, they could speed up the customer onboarding process, ultimately benefiting the customer experience. 

The results of these changes had a positive impact throughout Split the Bills, improving how they could operate as a business. The impact included:

  • Stronger customer communication
  • 20% Less calls into the contact centre for new customers
  • 4 Members of staff completely freed up to work on more valuable business processes
  • More accurate customer billing, resulting in improved cash flow

How this helps in the future

The increase of automated processes has been able to vastly change how Split the Bills work. This has a long term impact, with team members able to work more efficiently and focus their time on more important matters at hand. Split the Bills now has the right processes in place to onboard more new customers, and provide a stronger customer experience that leads to higher customer retention - and helps them secure more new business going forward. 

What's Next?

Would you like to help your teams work more productively? Automating manual processes can help save your teams time and reduce your operational costs. See how Clearsky can help transform how you work through automation.


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