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River Lease Builder

River & the Power of Dynamic PDFs

Adapting to industry demands in the face of a global pandemic to quickly provide a streamlined, remote way to build and sign leases


Let Tech Solutions (Lettingweb)



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Intro summary

Needing to evolve in light of the pandemic, Lettingweb were looking to reduce the amount of manual time spent creating leases while also creating a way for them to be signed from anywhere at any time. Through quickly mapping out and developing a new Lease Builder tool to sit within their existing platform, we helped Lettingweb drastically cut down the amount of hours spent on manual processes, and positioned them to provide an even higher standard of service too.


The COVID-19 pandemic was not something anyone anticipated. Many industries were left needing to quickly adapt how they worked to survive within lockdowns and restrictions. 

For letting agents, a struggle they faced in light of the pandemic was getting leases signed when people were unable to come into the office to physically sign. This left a gap in the market for letting agents. 

Existing solutions such as Adobe Sign or DocuSign offered some options for letting agents to have leases signed remotely. But these involved a lot of manual work in sourcing and filling out all the details for the agreement - and also resulted in the lease being stored in a third party tool. 

Lettingweb was poised to fill this gap and provide a way for leases to be easily built and signed remotely. While they had a talented internal development team, they needed more hands-on-deck and specialist skill sets in order to plan out and complete the project in a timely manner. 

Our solution

ClearSky had a strong long-term relationship with Lettingweb, so it was only natural to have a conversation about their requirements for this project. Our team mapped out the necessary areas and put together a plan that would see the project completed within six weeks. Building on Lettingweb’s existing River platform, we created a new tool that would complement the area already storing existing tenancy agreements. This new tool would be the Lease Builder.

The new Lease Builder was designed to seamlessly put together a new lease taking data from existing tenant enquiries, which are already stored within the River platform. Using a simple model, this tool is intuitive to use and therefore requires no real user training. 

Letting agents can then use the Lease Builder to:

  • Select a start date of the agreement
  • Choose the template. The system can hold more than one type of lease - as for instance, Scottish and English leases would be quite different, due to local laws and regulations
  • Fill in a few details about the property, and using a dynamic form - only details needed for the specific lease are displayed
  • Add tenant, landlord, and rent details
  • Create copies of the lease if needed, archive it, or download previews
  • Send final lease to tenants and landlords to sign
  • Once lease has been fully signed, everyone is notified and it becomes a completed lease stored within the River platform

The impact

With a streamlined process to create leases from anywhere, Lettingweb could save a significant amount of time spent on manual admin work. This frees up their teams to spend their time more productively on areas that will help generate more revenue, rather than needing to spend high portions of their day filling in forms and getting them signed. 

The dynamic and automated aspects of the Lease Builder, combined with the ability to have leases signed remotely, allowed Lettingweb to continue their essential business operations during these challenging times. 

How this helps in the future

The Lease Builder is designed to be a useful tool even long after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed. This process of remotely signing leases can be continued on, and is particularly useful when tenants or landlords live further from the letting agency office. 

By providing tenants and landlords with the option of signing leases remotely, Lettingweb is able to deliver a higher level of service through convenience, and create stronger relationships going forward. 

Next Steps?

Are you looking for a way to streamline your internal processes and provide an even smoother experience for your clients? Speak to ClearSky today to see how we can help you transform how you work for the better.


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