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Virtual Chief Technology Officer


Technology Leadership

Bringing technology leadership to a company dominant in the Letting portal sector.




2019 - Ongoing

Service Offered:

Virtual Chief Technology Officer


Market Leader, Lettingweb


Property API - allowing realtime communication from LW to SME professional for property updates

Video Functionality - Enhancing to allowing videos to be uploaded and shown on properties

Enquiry process - newly designed enquiry process with better messaging for the MyRentalCV & Covid advice

Lease Builder - Platform for agents to build a lease handling tenant, landlord and rent data, then sending out via docusign for completion


Revolutionise a technology platform by providing technology leadership to meet business ambitions. The need to scale software development to meet customer demands of new features and services, At the same time build up the client’s internal technology capabilities and keeping the business informed of opportunities and risks within its technology.


An aging technology platform, with the existing set of features and services across multiple different tech stacks, the pressing need to innovate to stay ahead of competitors.


Bringing technology into focus was a key priority when taking over the technology leadership for Lettingweb. Previously they had outsourced, in-sourced, used IT contractors and off-shored software development but didn't manage to achieve the value expected. A big step forward was to align technology with the business objectives allowed for a product road-map to be created and enable innovation taking the previously property portal focused business to a new technology enabled platform. Instead of technology holding back the business we created a culture where technology enabled the business, providing more useful features for their customers and end users. We oversaw hiring into their software development team and provided software development from ClearSky Logic during peak busy periods.

The Result

The client has now redefined their business to be technology orientated, seen as an enabler and now has ambitions to launch the new tech platform into new markets.

What The Client Says

"ClearSky's IT Director service provides us with essential hands-on technology leadership. Taking control of the management of our own internal resources while also allowing us the flexibility to scale up when and where necessary has resulted in rapid and continuous product and feature delivery on our platform. Simply put, we're able to move far quicker with ClearSky on board." - Chris Smith Head of Marketing Lettingweb


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