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Team As A Service


Technology Team




2019 - Ongoing

Service Offered:

Virtual CTO, Team As A Service & Tech Experts OnDemand

project details

Client’s needs

An online Tenant and Property Management system that provides a service to Letting Agents, automating notifications to Council Tax offices, Water, Gas and Electricity suppliers.


A part-complete System was already in place but with significant work remaining. Little documentation existed. Only minimal handover was possible with the outgoing supplier. Picking up the project in this stage was a challenge in itself, but one we relished.  


The client had no in-house technical staff. ClearSky took time to understand the business requirements, the priorities and the pain points so that a prioritised program of software deployments could be planned. A gap-analysis was carried out to determine the work required. The system was built in definable and deliverable blocks that would serve the needs of the organisation. Automation of all common repetitive tasks was the focus, with exceptions being managed manually. Dashboards of all automated components provides necessary feedback and confidence in the system’s inner workings, leaving people to solve problems and the software to do all the heavy-lifting.

Platform: SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Azure.

What the Client Says


"The ClearSky team has provided much-needed technical governance and direction, allowing the business to concentrate on operational and strategic priorities. They have up-skilled existing team members in a managed hand-over and brought in expertise we otherwise wouldn't be able to access. Support issues have their root cause resolved instead of fixing just the symptoms. They have also shown great willingness to respond to changing business priorities, delivering software features on time and within budget."


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