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Dedicated Tech Team

Dyball Associates Ltd

Expanding Product Roadmap

Acting as an extension of the in-house team, helping Dyball Associates Ltd save time and offer higher client service levels


Dyball Associates Ltd



Service Offered:

Dedicated Tech Team

Intro summary

To meet their clients’ demands and to keep up with the changing energy sector, Utilities Software Provider needed to quickly scale up their team with developers who held the right knowledge and skills. Clearsky worked as an extension to Utilities Software Provider’s team, bringing a wealth of industry experience to help them develop and roll out new features quickly. This ultimately improved customer retention, saved them time, reduced costs, and allowed them to secure new long-term clients. 


Utilities Software Provider serves a number of challenger Energy Suppliers in both the commercial and residential markets. However, with a changing market and new opportunities secured by the business, they needed to quickly scale their software development to meet their clients’ demands. 

Developing a roadmap on the energy side of utilities software, Utilities Software Provider also needed to build new business energy features into their existing platform.

While Utilities Software Provider has a staff of 120, they only had 8 software developers on the team. With the increase in workload, it was estimated the team would have to increase output by over 30% in the short term. Adding to this pressure, the team had a 3-month deadline pending, which meant time was against them in scaling up quickly enough to deliver. 

Hiring the right developers is a time consuming, and sometimes impossible task. Sourcing potential candidates, waiting for notice periods to end, training staff, and getting them up to speed on projects is a process that can take several months. On top of this, it can be difficult to find developers who have specifically worked with utilities, with the right context and background to fully understand the projects. 

Our solution

Initially, Utilities Software Provider was hesitant to outsource the work, due to concerns surrounding communication, industry knowledge, and code quality. However, our ClearSky team was able to provide reassurance as we instead positioned ourselves as an extension to the existing team to help meet business demands. 

We were able to speed up the process of knowledge transfer and maximise output by being based onsite. Due to our extensive energy-sector experience, we could immediately understand the context of the project to quickly start building features. 

Over a 3-month period, we provided Team as a Service, which offered a team of 4 software developers operating in a Sprint parallel to the inhouse team. Using Sprint planning sessions, we worked closely alongside the client to pick up tickets from their backlog and agree what was needed before adding to the next Sprint. 


  • Bootstrap
  • NetCore
  • KnockoutJs
  • RabbitMQ
  • MSMQ
  • Hangfire
  • ASP.NetWeb API
  • MicrosoftSQL Server
  • Oracle

The impact

Through Clearsky’s industry expertise and our ability to dive into the project at speed, Utilities Software Provider could scale up their operations to meet the required deadlines for their clients. New features were delivered to a high-standard and rolled out to Utilities Software Provider’s existing clients. These features also made their software more appealing to potential new customers in the industry too. 

Overall adding Clearsky to an extension to their internal team empowered Utilities Software Provider to improve customer retention, save time and reduce costs of hiring internally, and allow them to take new features to market quickly. This let them secure new clients which vastly increased revenue, as these would be long-term clients with year-long or multi-year contracts. 

How this helps in the future

After seeing the positive impact made through this engagement, ClearSky was brought on as a Team as a Service on an ongoing basis for Utilities Software Provider. Through this, Clearsky is positioned to help take on additional services, products and features for Utilities Software Provider. This will continue to let them scale-up their operations when needed, helping them keep up with the evolving demands of the energy industry and their clients. 

What's Next?

Do you need to scale-up your team to deliver what your clients are looking for? Clearsky is here as an extension of your existing team. With our in-depth industry knowledge, we seamlessly work alongside your inhouse team to provide the solutions you need, when you need.


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