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Virtual CTO: A Technology Expert Minus the Salary


Darren Auld


December 9, 2020

Darren Auld takes time to answer some common questions about ClearSky Logic’s Virtual Chief of Technology Officer (VCTO). A service,which has already helped many businesses focus on their technology issues without costing the huge amount of resources that opening a position at this level would.

What exactly is a VCTO?

It’s a service to provide IT leadership to companies which previously have made do without having strong technical leadership, think of the service as an on demand part time IT Direct who can quickly establish a technical road-map to meet business objectives, leadership and governance required.

One of our core strengths at ClearSky Logic, we have an extensive track record in leading IT teams ranging from teams with a handful of software developers to multiple teams of developers delivering at scale with our larger clients. With this experience we can expedite technology and provide results quickly for businesses which have up until now had a lack of technology leadership.

Do CTOs just oversee the IT teams?

Getting the right IT leadership provides a pivotal role in any companies success, they aren’t only responsible for IT but are responsible for how technology enables the entire company to meet its goals.Usually reporting into board level, owner or managing director, they are responsible for translating business goals into a technology road map. Which allows the business to make decisions around investing in technology and resources to meet its goals.

Why should businesses hire a virtual CTO over hiring a physical CTO?

ClearSky’s CTO service is both physical and virtual, why you should have a virtual CTO vs a FTE CTO? Firstly both are a great strategic idea fora business and they provide similar value however for many businesses it comes down to cost. The average yearly salary for a CTO in Edinburgh is upwards of 100k per year. For most small to medium businesses this is a huge overhead which often leads to them putting off having the CTO position, ultimately not getting the right technology output from the business and slowing down growth.

Why else do businesses need technical leadership?

Having a CTO service can enable the business in many ways, They can build in the best practice to build and implement new features and products to the company. We have, over the years, lead teams to deliver multi million pound projects for hugely successful UK companies so, the track record is there to back up our recommendations or guidance.

We also provide governance, from a best practice point of view and a policy / standards perspective. Previously having guided companies through GDPR and ISO compliance. We can quickly establish a base-line of performance in a company and provide a road map to improve across the board.

What can your technology road-map provide?

Business success, many businesses without a CTO can set goals at board level which then get cascaded throughout the business and budgets that are assigned to meet the goals. Without expert technical leadership at the board level then the business may be misjudging the potential for what their business can do. By having a CTO you have a technology expert to is up to date on the industry and technology advances, this helps by showing the board what is possible rather than what a nontechnical board thinks is technically possible.

Have other companies already used you VCTO?

Yes,many of our clients in Edinburgh have taken up the service since launching earlier in the year. The results have been dramatic. One is on the verge of delivering a new platform to its users which scaled software development through ClearSky Logic and their internal team managed to deliver a system which would have taken years if the right leadership and technical expertise hadn’t been Involved. 

We have also matured the way in which development is approached,implementing a more agile method of working to get the business results faster.

How can my business set up a VCTO through ClearSky Logic?

Get in touch with us through telephone (0131-473-1130) or email(,and we will explain the process and cater our service to the needs of your business.

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