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Our team is remarkable & its growing


Darren Auld


December 9, 2020

We love getting technology & data right. Not for technologies sake but for the end user. Making their day more productive allowing them to spend their time where it matters. We believe in technology as a tool to make a better future for our clients, end users and the environment.

We get excited working on projects in the energy, renewable & lettings sectors where much of our experience originates. We think this fits us best as we already know the context of the problems our clients could be facing so we can add value quickly.

Some of the most enjoyable projects for us has been building energy billing and metering systems or expanding the functionality of some of our clients existing systems or taking a complex legacy system and introduce more flexible ways of extending the feature set without being held back by the older code base. We enjoy trying out ideas for products or services with our in-house projects like Evie (Electrical Vehicle Charging Calculator) allow us to show off what we have learned.

It’s not Technology for Technologies sake

We aren’t the type of company to over-engineer technology, we would much prefer to get a clean piece of code out to the customer, get feedback and be able to quickly change features. This in comparison to some systems which have been so overly engineered it becomes a time sink to extend with new features and often holds companies back from much needed change. One of the things we are really interested in is data, this handled well can give so much back to companies through smarter decisions being made and handled incorrectly can lead to businesses going out of business, so we take data seriously and many of the team are accredited in Microsoft SQL Server.

The Team

Our team matters most to us, without an effective team then ClearSky becomes ineffective and ultimately fails in our mission to get technology right for our clients and end users. When expanding the team, we are looking for key characteristics to enhance the team and for the candidate to really believe in what is important to ClearSky as a company.

It’s Challenging

Working in our team is not easy, we handle the development of complex and often legacy applications where are clients need help. The work is varied and spread out across various technologies. Learning isn’t a nice to have as being part of our team it’s a necessity as with the varied tech stack, it doesn’t suit all developers, but for people who really want to push themselves I truly believe ClearSky has everything to offer.

We Trust

Trust is a huge thing for the team, most of the time outside of scrum meetings, sprint planning and retrospectives the dev team is left to plan out their days. We aren’t looking over their shoulder and when a need of a tool or piece of software comes up, we do our best to support it and getting it in place to make things better for the team. We are not here to hold back our team, we enable it and give them everything possible to make them a success by investing our time, knowledge and our support in learning through certification & making time for developers personal projects.

The Optimist

With trust, varied code bases, legacy systems, a small team …… we do have one other major trait which is needed, being optimistic, getting it wrong and getting back into an issue to fix it. Picking yourself and the team up when we face a tight deadline or difficult problem. This will happen, its important to keeping going, keep up momentum and do it for the team.

Our team is remarkable and its growing, are you a developer which would relish the challenge of our dynamic team of developers. Get in touch.


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