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Women in STEM: Podcast Episode

Operating in the STEM sector, ClearSky Logic recently had a recruitment drive for 5 positions and saw only 15-20% of our applications coming from women.

The company currently has 2 positions filled by females (1 senior position and 1 middle management role), but in a company that currently sits at 15 people, 15% is not a percentage we are happy with.

An issue we are continually running into is our application ratio being above 4:1 male-to-female.

On our The Tech Entrepreneur podcast (hosted by co-founder Darren Auld), we recently guest hosted episode raising the issue, led by our 2 amazing female leads Kimberley Holding & Tina Little (listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts).

Don't have time to listen to the full thing? Hear a sneak preview.