Case Study

Rebuilt, redesigned and completed the project.

Providing a dedicated team of experts to deliver a product roadmap and accelerate development of the right technology in order to scale the company worldwide.

Cashless, quick and remote tipping platform to send money direct to workers you wish to thank. No fee to receive your money and no delay. Say thanks, better.


The Problem

URocked are a fast growing tech company on a mission to enable cashless tips to be taken across multiple sectors. They have a fantastic brand and are passionate about providing a frictionless experience to their end users.

Early on in the product development they had outsourced their MVP development of the platform to another supplier which was a good first step but they weren't the right partner to take URocked to the next level.

They wanted a long term tech partner which could help them think, bring expertise in both product development and how to deliver with quality.

In addition they were looking for a partner which could get involved at board level and assist in future financial raises.

The Solution

URocked engaged with ClearSky Logic in January 2022. Having their MVP product and an immediate requirement for their Team Tips (TT) functionality to be completed in time to showcase at the Hotel, Restaurant & Catering event in March 2022

With a short turnaround needed our team got set up quickly, getting to know the product and understanding the key features of TT through UX & Design. We decided to assign a delivery deadline pre-event to allow for proper UAT to be carried out.

While building we deployed consistently to the UAT environment, which provided URocked with visibility & confidence in the functionality on the lead-up to their event.

Completion pre-event meant URocked’s team could focus on their presentation & pitch, not having to worry about whether the feature would actually be available to them on time and in a stable state.

The Result

The impact of having a software delivery partner which was entirely aligned and active in business objectives has been instrumental to building up momentum of the entire company.

ClearSky Logic Fill a gap in technical knowledge, experience & stability not only at implementation level but also strategic at board level.

Planning out a strategic roadmap along side the longterm business objectives allows for clarity in delivery working hand in hand with their marketing and customer feedback teams.

The Future

ClearSky Logic will continue to work on delivering the strategic vision into the URocked product, creating something really compelling and with global significance.

This approach is our speciality, rapidly delivering ambitious business objectives through technology.

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with URocked.

“CSL aren't just delivering what we ask for, they're continually providing feedback and offering alternative ways to think about things. Even when it comes to being innovative and thinking about new ways in which we can adapt and grow our product, CSL are bringing new ideas to the table.

Together, we're not just thinking about the short term delivery plan, we're thinking about the bigger strategic picture.”

David Dillon


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