Together Energy

Improving the customer experience and reducing customer complaints by 90% for Together Energy by stabilising and streamlining tech solutions.


Together Energy needed to address their customer pain points in their existing digital platforms to deliver better customer experience and reduce the workload on their Customer Service team. We worked with them to bring their solution in-house, implement fixes, and create a long-term strategy that resulted in a drastic reduction of customer issues raised, ultimately improving the customer experience and reducing cost to serve.


Together Energy is one of the fastest growing UK energy providers. Part of Together Energy’s business purpose is to provide fairer energy that puts the consumer first, ensuring customers always know their bills will be accurate, and that they can get in touch with ease to address any issues and have them quickly resolved. 

There was a lot of internal change taking place in Together Energy. They had discovered there were a number of customer pain points which needed to be addressed within their current tech platform - and that customer queries were taking too long to be investigated and resolved. While they previously had tech expertise within their own team, they were looking for outside specialists who could provide support and make the necessary changes quickly to help them provide a stronger customer experience.

Our Solution

Our team worked quickly to get to know Together Energy’s current challenges within their digital ecosystem and understand what their customers needed out of the processes within their platform. 

After an initial investigation, we deployed a number of fixes for immediate issues. From here, we established a knowledge base which provided learnings while delivering value at the same time. Following a data-driven approach, our team responded to issues raised by the Operations and Customer Support teams to help them prioritise issues and create a longer term strategy that helped them respond to issues flagged by customers quicker. 

Working as an insourced team for Together Energy, we helped them move their customer platform in-house to give them better visibility of what’s happening within the platform. We also worked with them to minimise the number of customer support tickets by smoothing out any kinks in the customer journey and automating areas of the process. We could help them keep payment on track for customers, ensuring payments continued to be processed, resolving a significant customer service issue. By decreasing the issues within the platform, we could improve the customer experience, ensure customers received accurate bills, and reduce the workload on the Customer Service team.

The impact

Through the changes implemented for Together Energy they saw a reduction of customer contact through their portal, which in turn reduced the cost to serve. The strategy moving forward positions Together Energy to drive their business objectives by improving their overall efficiency in delivering a service to customers. 

Since the changes, Together Energy has seen:

  • A 90% reduction in customer complaints on the system over 3 months
  • 50% of this reduction was seen within the first month, providing a quick impact
  • On average there were 146 issues raised weekly, this has reduced by 86%

Now Together Energy can be confident in their digital platform and that their 83,000 customers have the correct balance, which helps them to build stronger customer relationships. The parts of their processes that were also automated during the fixes freed up their team members’ time to allow for more productive work to be carried out.

How this helps in the future

This is only the beginning for transforming how Together Energy works. They continue to find new innovative ways to provide even higher levels of service for their customers. Through stabilising and streamlining their systems Together Energy has futureproofed their operations going forward. All of the knowledge they have collated into a single location can now be passed on with ease, allowing for quick onboarding of new team members, which provides stronger business continuity. Moving forward, our team is working closely with Together Energy as their insourced tech team to help identify other areas to streamline the customer experience and deliver further time savings for both Together Energy and the customer.
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