Case Study

Customised the Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM platforms to allow two-way data integration.

Helping streamline Split the Bills’ internal processes through automation to improve productivity and customer experience

Split The Bills makes shared student bills easy. One payment for all bills and only pay your share. Bundle all bills into one payment.

Energy. Broadband. Water. TV. All in one monthly bill, split equally.


The Problem

Disparate Digital platforms, a reliance on manual workarounds, lack of automation and a data imbalance between Split the Bills and external Utility Suppliers meaning Customer bills were late, incorrect or absent altogether.

Some chronic issues were holding the business back from delivering its potential and its ambitious vision to its customer base.

The Solution

Bringing in Snowdrop Energy as the Energy Supplier meant the tech problems were now all controllable by the tech team.

ClearSky identified and targeted the top operational issues, allowing the business to keep moving, while designing a strategic platform to power a customer journey through the various systems whilst also giving stakeholders access to the metrics they needed to make business decisions.

Changes were delivered incrementally so that value was gained as soon as possible and ROI was clear and measurable.

The Result

ClearSky Developers customised the Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM platforms to allow two-way data integration meaning the business could focus on delivering value to its customers and increasing the throughput of tenants without scaling the back office team.

Stand-alone features were built as micro services in Azure allowing rapid deployment of tech solutions with minimal impact on existing processes or platforms.

The Future

The increase of automated processes has vastly changed how Split the Bills work long term, with team members working more efficiently and focusing their time on more important tasks.

Split the Bills now has the right processes in place to onboard more new customers and provide a stronger customer experience that leads to higher customer retention - helping them secure more new business going forward.


less calls into the contact centre for new customers

customer billing, resulting in improved cash flow
members of staff completely freed up to work on more valuable business processes

“The leadership team at Split the Bills and Snowdrop Energy had a tremendous vision for providing an excellent service to people in rented accommodation, solving real-world problems with technology.

The various digital platforms in use across two organisations posed a technical challenge, but one we were only too pleased to take on. We love it when we can help a business solve a problem to the point where technology is genuinely driving their business forward”

Phil Telfer

CTO - Clearsky

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