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A fixed deadline, complex algorithms and a first in the industry.

Deliver an energy supply billing and metering system to replace legacy off the shelf solution

A fixed deadline, complex algorithms and a first in the industry.

We opened a satellite office based in Edinburgh created to deliver one of the most ambitious energy supplier projects to date. Produced a near real-time energy billing and metering system.

We started by recruiting a small team of developers with potential to deliver something truly remarkable.

Identified key people in the business to join our product team and quickly got to work on an MVP (minimum viable product) we then iterated through the solution taking feedback from the client until we had a product which not only delivered on the initial goals of the project but also delivered added benefit along the lines of enhanced reporting ability for the business to accurately report on the daily un-billed position of the energy allowing for better business forecasting.

The problem


The result

The future


We transformed into a fully working automated booking system.

With the help from ClearSky, Booking Hub has become a an automated booking system used across multiple industries.

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We re-platformed, re-designed and re-developed. can now open up new revenue generating ideas. We allocated a tech team to complete the project.

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We rebuilt, redesigned and completed the project.

URocked engaged with ClearSky Logic having their MVP product rebuilt for scale and white label implementation.

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