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We designed and built the first iterations of the Databox platform.

Trust, transparency, and security, the Siccar platform provides secure and verifiable shared data for ESG reporting

Siccar ensures that the right people can view the right data at the right time. Our platform provides a single source of truth for Emissions Reporting, Green Home Retrofit and other sustainability challenges.

Siccar is a future-proofed shared data platform that integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s existing applications and infrastructure. Siccar implements flows of data between organisations using a special distributed ledger register controlled via governance policies called ‘blueprints’. Siccar is a future proofed shared data platform that integrates seamlessly with your organisation’s existing applications and infrastructure.

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The problem

The Oil & Gas sector now has a legal mandate to report upon ESG Carbon Emissions covering Scopes 1, 2 and 3 to demonstrate its ability to measure and reduce its impact on the environment. 

The problems with traditional data capture and reporting platforms are: Data can be altered, removed or potentially accessed by unauthorised parties. The provenance and validity of data can also be challenged and not easily countered. Data may not be encrypted at rest  Data may have broad access rights, meaning users can often access data that sits outside of the needs of their role definitions


Siccar has developed a cutting-edge blockchain storage and data flow-control platform that leverages encryption to secure data at rest, while strictly regulating fine-grained data access at the attribute level. This allows for immutable data and access restricted to authorised users only, following a strict data flow process. The platform is especially suited for situations where data provenance is of utmost importance and where data falling into the wrong hands could have severe consequences.

The platform generates a tamper-proof audit trail of critical business data, providing clear visibility of data provenance.

However, Siccar is a back-end storage technology. For it to be used to solve a clear business need, a client-facing web application was required - the ‘Databox’ platform.

The result

To ensure that the technology was optimally aligned with the needs of the business market, Siccar engaged ClearSky Logic to design and build the first iterations of the Databox platform, targeted specifically at the Oil & Gas sector's Scopes 1, 2 and 3 Carbon Emissions reporting requirements.

Our Dedicated Tech Team worked closely with Siccar to create wireframe designs in Figma, taking feedback and iteratively refining hi-fidelity designs until the first build of the web platform could commence with our internal Development team.

The MVP version of the Databox platform was delivered in 6 weeks from completion of designs to delivery of the UAT version to the client. This allowed proving the end to end capability of the Databox platform to ingest data, prove its origin, allow upload and inspection of evidence documents and to allow access to specific reporting data by Power BI for user consumption at the far end.

The design process continued in tandem with the development effort, allowing stakeholders to visualize and better understand the platform's functionality beyond the initial version and to generate traction for the possibilities it holds.

The future

With huge potential even in the Oil & Gas market, Databox built on Siccar has a bright future, but considering the increasing need for organizations to accurately record and report upon data relevant to their carbon neutrality, plus the need for evidencing data provenance in complex supply chains, the global market is massive.


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