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Add new features to a calculation tool and upgrading current systems to handle a new battery technology.

Add new features to a calculation tool and upgrading current systems to handle a new battery technology.

OnGen specialises in analysing property specific data through its ground-breaking digital tools that make the decisions on energy efficiency, generating your own energy, or switching to greener tariffs so easy.

We added new features to perform millions of calculations in real-time for their award-winning renewables calculation tool, upgrading the current system to handle a new battery technology.


The problem


Our understanding of energy context sped up the process of us getting to grips with the current shortcomings of the solution.

We identified the relationship between solar energy, battery and feeding into the grid. Through whiteboard sessions we worked closely with the client to prove the algorithm.

To make the feature a reality we really had to take big data performance to the next level for OnGen, our team performed an extensive analysis of the database usage to firstly find initial quick wins for the client.

From here, we were able to push the boundaries further by implementing the use of Column Store Indexes, Covering Indexes, and Filtered Indexes.

The result

The future

“ClearSky‘s knowledge and experience of the utility & renewables sectors has been an important factor in helping them to understand and support a complex software development which is helping OnGen scale the business.

Their relaxed style and flexibility is underpinned by a deep technical knowledge which is a good fit with our own culture. ”


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