Case Study

Automated APIs and built internal processes that allow Letting Agent software platforms to be integrated.

A Prop-Tech / Utilities service provider generating income for Letting Agents whilst managing Utilities and Changes of Tenancy processes

An online Tenant and Property Management system that provides a service to Letting Agents, automating notifications to Council Tax offices, Water, Gas and Electricity suppliers.


The Problem

A part-complete platform was in place from an outgoing Supplier, with significant work remaining.

With little documentation existing and with minimal handover, picking up the project at this stage was a challenge in itself, but one we relished as we could see the clear benefits of a tech-first approach for Ittria.

The Solution

An automated set of APIs and internal processes that allow Letting Agent software platforms to be integrated with little overhead allowing the free-flowing of data across disparate platforms and domains. Security and privacy all catered for by providing access via secure tokens, logging and audit trail.

The Result

Increased revenue generated without upscaling the back office team.

Ability to onboard Letting Agents and Platforms with a minimum of fuss.

Increase visibility of data throughput for operational and strategic teams.

Allowing Ittria's Tenant Referencing service to be embedded within a range of existing Letting Agent Platforms leveraging their reach to access whole new markets for this value-add service.

The Future

Tenant-facing apps to manage the Change of Tenancy process, plugging in relevant services to create a compelling one-stop shop for the prop-tech rental market.

“The ClearSky team has provided much-needed technical governance and direction, allowing the business to concentrate on operational and strategic priorities. They have up-skilled existing team members in a managed hand-over and brought in expertise we otherwise wouldn't be able to access. Support issues have their root cause resolved instead of fixing just the symptoms. They have also shown great willingness to respond to changing business priorities, delivering software features on time and within budget”

PJ Darling


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