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We developed and integrated smart meter capabilities into ESG's existing systems.

Helping ESG scale up their capabilities and implement digital changes faster

As our world evolves to a digital, cleaner future, we provide innovative technology that empowers leaders to deliver their future promise of energy.


The problem

To meet the demands of a changing industry, ESG needed to upgrade their current technology to offer more smart features for their clients.

They also needed to improve the energy supply billing system for their clients’ customers to help improve customer experience.


ESG couldn’t wait to find the right developers with the right experience and skills, they needed a team now. The ClearSky team was on-hand to help. With in-depth industry knowledge, our experienced tech team worked alongside ESG - helping them fast track development, without the typical associated overheads of hiring, training, and managing internal staff.

Combining our industry expertise with a deep insight of ESG's needs, our team jumped straight in to quickly develop a plan that covered ESG's specifications, allowed for speedy implementation, and could maximise the impact of the new smart features.

Bringing a deep knowledge of Smets 2 and Microsoft Dynamics, we provided the speed of development and rollout ESG was looking for. We customised the system through workflows and plugins to tailor it to ESG's unique needs - dramatically improving automation and adaptability for both ESG's clients, and their clients’ customers.

Areas implemented in this project:

The result

Using our in-depth industry experience, we quickly developed and integrated smart meter capabilities into ESG's existing systems to provide their clients with the smart features they needed.

This also gave ESG a real edge over competitors to help them secure new clients in the long run.

The future

Our work with ESG has extended into a trusted, long-running partnership.

Together, we help ESG scale-up their capabilities when they need it by providing a dedicated tech team who understands their business and industry to dive right in.

This, along with higher levels of automation, lets ESG gain an edge over their competitors to become a leading choice for clients in the energy sector.

“ClearSky’s utilities industry knowledge has allowed them to quickly understand and deliver complex functionality, whilst working collaboratively alongside our existing team. Their flexible approach and technical understanding has helped us deliver and support complex and fast paced change over the last 9 months.”

Michael Robinson

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