Case Study

Re-platformed, Redesigned and Re-dedveloped!

Re-platforming the platform allowing the company to scale globally.

Simplify project resourcing with the AI-powered Talent Platform that creates deliverable-based milestones that connects you straight to verified on-demand tech talent immediately (yes, that’s goodbye day rates and hello completed milestones).

Create your gig today and see how Gigged.AI will transform your project delivery with access to exceptional talent, always on time and in budget.


The Problem

The initial MVP of Gigged.AI had been constructed to prove market fit and begin to gain traction, both of which it has been successful in delivering.

The problem was it was when the business began to scale, the bottle necks in good UI and poor technology started to become problematic for growth.Struggling to scale with original tech, wanted to take their platform to new level to encourage better user experience and better user engagement.

The Solution

ClearSky Logic took the original map of Gigged and partnered with them to build the future platform capable of scaling globally, opening up new revenue streams with enterprise clients and allowing for the platform to evolve with key new features overtime.

The core deliverable of the project was to re-platform the existing feature set in the original version of Gigged.AI’s platform.

The Result

In less than 9 months, the entire platform was re-platformed, the whole interface was redesigned and developed. The platform now has the ability to be white labelled opening up new revenue generating ideas for the business.

ClearSky allocated a Designated tech team with to complete the project.

We took time to understand’s core business, identified what technology would open up new revenue streams. Our designers pored over customer feedback and our developers created new architecture which could cope with massive scale.

The Future

Gigged.AI has an on-demand tech talent pool of over 15,000, which includes 4000+ Data Engineers, 3000+ Software Developers, 1000+ UX Designers, 500+ Digital Marketers and  100+ CISO’s.

ClearSky Logic has delivered a well-performing, scalable product, effectively broadening the scope of the project. The team communicates and manages the project well to ensure a seamless workflow.

Craig Short

CTO, Gigged.Ai

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