Fresh Car Valeting

Helping completely transform the way that they do business


To help grow their business, Fresh Car Valeting needed to free up their admin team’s time to allow for more customer bookings, which meant replacing their manual booking process.We helped fully automate Fresh Car Valeting’s booking process through a custom built solution - including a customer self-serve area - tailored to their needs. These changes saved their business time while also boosting growth and revenue.


Offering interior and exterior vehicle cleaning services, Fresh Car Valeting was an expanding business, who needed a simple way to provide their valet service to wherever customer vehicles were. 

Fresh Car Valeting had always employed manual processes for booking customer appointments. The current process meant when a customer wanted to book a valet, the admin team needed to manually find available valet appointments and book these in themselves. This manual booking process was slowing down business growth.

Fresh Car Valeting needed to scale-up to manage bookings and reduce the time spent booking in customer appointments. The lack of the right existing technology available for Fresh Car Valeting’s needs was holding them back.

Our Solution

Working closely with Fresh Car Valeting to fully understand their current challenges and their goals, we developed a bespoke tech platform, built from scratch and tailored to their needs. 

The new self-service solution used an advanced algorithm to fully automate the booking process. This eliminated the need for the Fresh Car Valeting team to manually book in and manage appointments and instead let customers make bookings online 24/7.  

Customers could login to the self-serve area to view their past and current bookings and manage their details.Users also received automatic booking confirmations and appointment reminders too.

The impact

The way Fresh Car Valeting worked was completely transformed. Automating the booking process saved the team significant amounts of time, letting their resources be put to better use. 

Through having extra scope in the business, Fresh Car Valeting could handle substantially more bookings and scale-up their growth, without needing to hire more admin staff. This all led to an increased revenue.

Customer experience was also improved through a streamlined booking process and more accurate appointment timings. The platform’s algorithm handled geolocation of appointments, removing any human error related to double-booking risks or when valets could reach appointments.

How this helps in the future

Automating the valet booking process is just the beginning. Fresh Car Valeting is looking at other manual processes they can automate. New areas can simply be added and automated with ease within their new solution. Creating a long-term partnership, Clearsky Logic have developed a full technology roadmap for Fresh Car Valeting to help them accelerate their business further across the whole of the UK moving forward.
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