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The sky's the limit for fast-growing Edinburgh digital transformation specialists

With an 80% increase in income in the last year, Edinburgh-based ClearSky Logic has grown its team, appointed a new Board member, created a new leadership structure and rebranded.

ClearSky, which was founded in 2018, has grown significantly by helping companies develop digital tools and tailored technology solutions to survive and thrive during the pandemic. 

With a new brand and website highlighting its positioning as ‘digital transformation’ specialists, the company has grown its team from seven to 24 full-time employees to handle the demand for its services, which include managing one-off digital transformation projects, and providing dedicated outsourced tech teams for established businesses.

In addition, the company, which is on course to turn over £2.1 million in the year ahead, has appointed a new Board member and created a new leadership and senior management structure. 

This sees tech entrepreneur and business advisor Tino Nombro joining the Board to support ClearSky Logic’s growth while co-founders Darren Auld and Phil Telfer focus on specific areas; Auld as CEO concentrating on growth strategy while Telfer as CTO taking the reins on the technical direction. A new Senior Management Team has also been created, with Adam Steen now Head of Operations and Jane Fiddes leading Marketing and Account Management.

ClearSky Logic’s growth has been driven by their ability to understand the issues businesses are having and to deliver effective digital solutions. With more and more companies pivoting their business models during the coronavirus lockdowns, the agency has created bespoke software to help its clients automate their processes, including through mobile apps and self-service features for customers.

The company – which lists Together Energy, Mitsubishi and Ittria among its clients – has expanded from its roots serving the energy sector to cover a wide range of industries.  ClearSky Logic also won a £100,000 Innovate UK grant in November 2020 to create My Booking Hub a new platform that will help SMEs generate revenue during and beyond COVID.

ClearSky Logic has recognised that businesses are hampered in their digital transformation by the time and cost of getting the right team in place. It offers an agile, flexible outsourced tech team, that allows an immediate focus on the digital transformation project to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Auld, co-founder and CEO of ClearSky Logic, said: “When Covid first hit, it sent a shock across all businesses including ours and our clients. But we adopted a positive mindset and looked at Covid as being a chance to do what we do best, which is help businesses transform their digital services. 

“It’s been a challenging period for everyone but we’re proud of the work we’ve done to support other businesses, as well as seeing our own business grow remarkably in a relatively short space of time.”

Co-founder and CTO Telfer added: “We believe that businesses shouldn’t be held back by technology. The pandemic has placed a huge emphasis on the importance of having effective online systems and platforms in place and we’ve been able to help businesses transform their digital offering and make that transition quickly.

“Our agency model allows us to become our clients’ trusted tech partner – it’s like having your own tech department, but without the need to go around recruiting all the different experts you need.”